Be safe Out There

By September 4, 2018 Blog

A couple of weeks ago I was in Sarasota speaking with a customer when I noticed some workers on the roof of an apartment building with no fall protection. I found the General Contractor on the job and informed him of the dangerous situation both physically and financially. He was not concerned and let me know that each trade was responsible for their own gear.  

It is for this reason that Gator Gypsum carries a full line of safety equipment. From hard hats and eye protection to gloves and foot protection, we do our part to help our customers perform their jobs safely. Two of the product lines for which we provide on-jobsite training to demonstrate safe usage are fall protection and power tools. Selling products keeps our doors open but providing valuable service after the sale is the main reason for our longevity.

Come visit one of our showrooms and take a look at how much of our inventory is safety related.  We care about our customers and it shows.