We’re Accountable

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Many customers have asked me what the benefits are of opening an account with Gator Gypsum.  In this month’s blog I’ll address this question and you can decide if it is right for your business.

  • Free Delivery: When you open up an account you are entitled to free standard delivery.  This is within our geographic area and does not include any special circumstances (i.e. walk up or elevator).
  • Quantity Discounts: You give us the ability to monitor your quantities and adjust pricing accordingly.
  • History: Past purchases are easily researchable if you need to duplicate an order.
  • Warranty: If any of your items have warranties, your invoice is easily located.
  • Multiple locations: Your account can be used in any Gator location and your pricing is set.
  • Discount for prompt payment.
  • Frequently we sell overstock items at a discount.  Having an account allows us to easily look up customers who have purchased these products in the past and contact them.

We believe that having an account with Gator Gypsum allows us to serve you better.  If you do not have an account, please speak with your sales rep or call your local Gator location.

Be safe Out There

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A couple of weeks ago I was in Sarasota speaking with a customer when I noticed some workers on the roof of an apartment building with no fall protection. I found the General Contractor on the job and informed him of the dangerous situation both physically and financially. He was not concerned and let me know that each trade was responsible for their own gear.  

It is for this reason that Gator Gypsum carries a full line of safety equipment. From hard hats and eye protection to gloves and foot protection, we do our part to help our customers perform their jobs safely. Two of the product lines for which we provide on-jobsite training to demonstrate safe usage are fall protection and power tools. Selling products keeps our doors open but providing valuable service after the sale is the main reason for our longevity.

Come visit one of our showrooms and take a look at how much of our inventory is safety related.  We care about our customers and it shows.

What Do You Expect?

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A few days ago I was complaining to a colleague regarding the service of one of our supplier representatives.  She stopped the discussion abruptly by asking me, “Have you communicated your expectations to the representative?”

I think that is a good place to start in any relationship whether it is business or personal.  What do you expect of me?  What behavior would make you want to end the relationship?  While I am sure that we could list thousands of things for me it boils down to communication and honesty.  Don’t tell me what I want to hear to get the order.  Tell me the truth regardless of how you think that it will make me feel.

A few years ago a potential supplier scheduled a sales call.  I wasn’t familiar with the product and I went to their website prior to our meeting to prepare.  One thing that stood out was their company motto, “We pledge to make every attempt to do what we say we are going to do.”  Have we gotten to the point in American business where this is acceptable?  In my opinion there is a built in excuse for failure in there.  How about, “we do what we say that we are going to do.”

Next time you are looking for a supplier, take a few minutes and let them know what you expect of them.  Hopefully if they are not capable of delivering they will let you know prior to disappointing you.

Gator Gypsum Safety Presentation

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To show how serious we are about safety, we’ve put together a PowerPoint presentation to illustrate the many precautions we take to maintain safe operations.

At Gator Gypsum, we know that safety is crucial to delivering the best service for our customers. Click the link below to download and view the presentation.

Gator Gypsum Presentation


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The technology involved in construction has evolved exponentially in the last twenty years.  New materials and the availability of the modern computer to assist in design has allowed for extremely durable structures.  One factor that is often not seen but critical to the safety of the occupant is firestop.  Webster defines firestop as “material used to close open parts especially of a building for preventing the spread of fire.”  Anytime a pipe or wire passes through a wall, the wall has to be restored to its previous fire prevention rating.  This is done through the use of firestop.  Gator Gypsum has diligently rated the products on the market and are proud to offer what we believe to be a comprehensive line of both commercial and residential firestop.

Ask any construction professional and they will tell you how stringent the regulation and inspection of fire systems are.  Gator Gypsum can provide product, technical service and training to help our customers meet the demanding standards moving forward.  Please contact any of our yards for assistance.


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Last week I spent a couple of days traveling to Jacksonville. Inevitably this means relying on fast food for subsistence, which resulted in three dramatically different experiences.

I stopped for breakfast at one of the fast food giants. The drive- through line looked like I-4 in Orlando, so I parked and went inside. One register was open and there were six people in line. Because of this company’s experience and longevity, I did not think the wait would be long. Fifteen minutes later I had not made it to the counter, and by now it was too late to go anywhere else. Once I made it to the counter I ordered and waited another 10 minutes until my order was ready.

Hopefully lunch would be different. It was later in the day (2 p.m.) and the popular, sit-down, side-of-the-interstate restaurant was not crowded. I was immediately seated and started playing the games on the table. The waiter attentively served the two ladies to my immediate left. More people were seated and drink orders were taken while I twiddled my thumbs. The waiter (who I assumed was my server) continued to serve the table to my left with drink refills and humor. I stopped him and  asked if I could order some iced tea. He said he would be right back. I saved him the trouble by leaving. I’m normally not so negatively impulsive but consecutive horrendous service was getting to me.

The next day I was almost hesitant to eat lunch but my appetite dictated otherwise. Lunch on this day would be at a Southern-based restaurant chain known for something besides burgers. This place was immaculate and from the time that I walked through the door until I ordered was about 20 seconds. They gave me a placard to place on my table and brought my food to me within a minute. The food was excellent and one of the workers offered to take my tray and refill my drink. My faith was restored, and more importantly, this experience reminded me of the importance of service. By the way, this restaurant was more expensive than most of the alternative fast food choices, but well worth it.

How can this possibly apply to the drywall business? If you treat people the way that they want to be treated you will easily surpass your competition. It seems like the most obvious and longstanding rule of commerce – and most businesses continually ignore it for the sake of empty profits.

I will avoid two out of the three businesses above unless there is nothing else available. Our goal – and what we strive for every day at Gator Gypsum – is that we will not be the business that any customer avoids. We will be the business that they look forward to visiting – every time.


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I hear the word “culture” thrown around as it relates to the principles of people and business. Culture is defined as: the arts and other manifestations of human intellectual achievement regarded collectively. But for this particular exercise, I am more comfortable with an alternate definition: the good things that we have in common. We look to do business with companies that have similar interests and characteristics.

Some of the big box home improvement stores used to employ tradesmen (plumbers,electricians, etc.) who could walk customers through small projects and recommend alternative methods. For a do-it-yourselfer this was a perfect match. If you were proficient enough to do a small repair, the advice was invaluable.

Nordstrom’s has the reputation of being the ultimate customer service retailer. Frequent customers are greeted by name and products are ordered according to their individual taste. In a way it is the opposite of the big box home improvement stores because they would prefer that you do nothing with regard to shopping other than show up.

So, what is the Gator Gypsum culture and what does it mean to you as a customer?

  • Longevity – Gator Gypsum has been in continuous operation since 1984. This means that we have conducted ourselves in a businesslike way and have maintained business relationships that support growth and stability.
  • Personnel – We hire the best and create an environment that makes them want to stay. Come look at our Years of Service board and you’ll see a long roster of people who have looked forward to coming to work with us for decades.
  • Communication – It is critical in the business world that we have a complete understanding of the customer’s expectations of us. Any misunderstanding can cause a strain on a relationship. It is our responsibility to maintain an open and continuous line of communication throughout the sales process.
  • Empathy – If we are put ourselves in our customer’s shoes we fix issues before they become a problem. Understanding our client’s mindset will always help us make the correct business decision.
  • Profit – Both sides of a business relationship need to make money in order to continue operating. It is our responsibility to always put our customers in the best position to continue profitable operations. This is accomplished with product training, maintaining important equipment, and educating our clients on anything new in the marketplace that may affect their bottom line.

Common characteristics within our culture are essential to a good customer/supplier relationship. We are constantly looking for ways to improve and evolve. Please let us know how we can help your business grow.

Our Internal Customers

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The sales cycle is fairly basic. A customer comes into town and is not familiar with the current suppliers. They talk to local contractors and get a couple of names and make some calls. Depending on their needs, a salesperson may come out to talk to them. Quotations are done and the customer makes a decision to do business with the company that they feel the most comfortable with.

Behind the scenes there is a tremendous amount of activity. Our purchasing team is constantly monitoring the market to make sure that we are buying the correct quantity at the right time. We use nationwide buying power to assure our clients get the best pricing and value.

Our accounts receivable department is checking pricing on orders to make sure that it matches quotes within our system. They are monitoring credit limits and adjusting them to meet job requirements.

Our accounts payable team is taking advantage of quick pay terms to guarantee lower transactional costs. It is extremely important to Gator Gypsum that our vendors see us as a financial partner and that our bills are paid in such a way to keep this relationship intact.

Our warehouse staff keep our products organized in a way that gets our customers in and out of the yard quickly. We understand that often we are the first and last stop on the way to a job. Our warehouse is laid out in a way that keeps traffic flowing and allows for optimal time savings.

Our delivery teams drive the newest and most efficient trucks with the latest GPS technology. If there is a traffic issue on the way to a job we can easily reroute and let the customer know of any changes in the ETA. Our local branch and safety managers check any site that could present delivery challenges (power lines, trees, etc.) and communicate these issues to the customers in order to prevent delivery delays.

Anyone who answers the phone at our yard should either be able to answer any question that you have or find the correct person to answer the question. We have an extensive amount of experience at all seven Gator Gypsum yards and we pride ourselves on quick and correct responses.

Our counter personnel serve as a resource to our entire customer base. No amount of classroom training could ever replicate customer contact and that is the knowledge base that our counter sales has. There are probably not very many questions that they have not been asked.

While the sales process is straightforward, there is critical infrastructure in place that makes the process flow seamlessly. All support personnel are the fuel that makes Gator Gypsum run. We appreciate your business and do all that we can to assure that every contact with our company is professional and beneficial.