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How Are We Safe?

July 28

Gator Gypsum’s internal customers (workforce) and external customers (clients) perform their duties on sites that require special attention to detail with regard to a safe work environment.

It begins early in the morning in each Gator location with the inspection of our delivery vehicles. Our trucks are meticulously maintained to assure that they are always in top working condition. Our yards are neat and organized to assure proper forklift operation and loading procedures. Our drywall and delivered products are secured to our rigid specifications. All delivery personnel are issued and trained to use hard hats, reflective vests, tear resistant gloves, fall protection and the appropriate footwear for job conditions.

Once we reach the jobsite we check for safe entry of our truck and equipment. Power lines and overhead branches must be surveyed to ensure an unencumbered passage of our material. Railings on second floor windows must be inspected and in the case of some commercial jobs concrete anchors must be installed for the delivery crew to tie off.

The creation and maintenance of a safe working environment requires a dedicated Safety Manager who constantly monitors job site activities and conducts ongoing training to assure that Gator Gypsum is compliant with the most recent OSHA guidelines. The expense associated with working safely is not small but the protection of our greatest asset and resource (our people) is paramount to our ongoing success as a company.

Our expertise is an important customer asset as well. We are trained on the products that we use and our manufacturer/partners are more than willing to provide safety training to our customers as well. Proper fit and wear of safety equipment, correct use of firestop material and the importance of fall protection in the workplace are instructional topics that we are happy to cover with you and your employees.

Safety is a 24-7/365 mandate at Gator Gypsum and we have designated August 2017 as our Safety Showcase month. Safety training is extremely costly but we are happy to provide it at no cost to our customers. The only requirement is that the safety equipment must be purchased from Gator Gypsum.

If you are interested in scheduling safety training at any of our construction materials yards in Tampa, Sarasota, Orlando, Clearwater, Gainesville, Lakeland, or Ocala, contact Gator Gypsum. We’re Central Florida’s construction safety specialists and we’ll be happy to help you ensure safety on all of your job sites.


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