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Less Than 5%

February 2

I have been in the fastener business for a little while and was curious as to what percentage the cost of fasteners figured in to any construction job. I asked one of our larger industrial clients and his answer surprised me. “Minimal” was his response. Further questioning revealed the number including tools to be about 5%. I have no scientific data to back this up, just his advice to always calculate 5% to cover fasteners and like expenses. This surprised me because I spent a great deal of my day pricing fasteners and their availability for jobs all over the Southeast. From my perspective it was hard to understand how such an integral part of any job represented so little of the overall cost of the job.

Because of their relatively low cost, fasteners are often overlooked and seen as unimportant. This can be deceiving. Many years ago a large glass company came to me looking for concrete screws. They would be used in the installation of windows in a multistory condominium in South Florida. We had a product that met the strict Miami-Dade building code and one that did not, but was significantly less money. The customer opted for the lesser priced product. The installation was successful until inspection. The inspector asked for paperwork showing that the product met the Miami-Dade building code. The contractor ended up having to remove all the concrete screws and placed a rush order for the ones he should have used in the first place.

Drywall screws represent a majority of the fastener products that we stock and sell. There are countless manufacturers to choose from and more popping up daily. What does Gator Gypsum look for in a screw supplier?

1. History: Can they show a track record of quality manufacturing?

2. Speed of install: How fast do their screws penetrate drywall, wood and metal? This is a huge labor saver.

3. Does the insert bit provided fit securely in the drive? Head wobble is a major reason for failure and this is critical.

4. Is the head able to withstand torque without breaking? This question goes back to history and what experience the manufacturer has with the torque of their product.

5. Defects: The manufacturing process has to be consistently free of flaws and must be inspected on a regular basis.

Gator Gypsum is only willing to offer these products to our customers after all of these criteria are met. You may rest assured that any product that you purchase from us has been selected for its ease of use by the end user. We consider it an honor and a privilege to contribute to your success by providing you with the best products on the market.


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