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Safety First

March 6

Any company can sell and deliver drywall. What makes Gator Gypsum, Inc. different is that we do it SAFELY.

Safety starts on the first day of work at Gator. Any new employee will attend a New Hire Orientation before stepping foot into the warehouse. The orientation outlines the dangers of our business such as equipment, falls, and jobsite hazards. We hold weekly safety meetings that all employees attend in which we discuss important safety topics that relate to our business, people, and trades that we may be working around.

Before our trucks leave our yards to start the day, each driver will perform a pre-trip inspection to ensure that there are no safety defects and that it meets DOT requirements. Our Cargo Securement Policy goes above and beyond DOT requirements to ensure that there is no load shift or loose materials. All drivers are required to complete a Smith System Defensive Driving course for their safety and for the safety of other vehicles on the road. We also have Driver’s Alert stickers on every vehicle with a phone number for other drivers to call if they see anything that may be unsafe. Every Driver’s Alert call is taken seriously and we use Nextraq GPS system and our camera systems in each truck to investigate the calls.

Once on the jobsite, Gator Gypsum follows all OSHA requirements including hard hats and protective eyewear, foot protection, hand protection, fall protection and respiratory protection when the hazard is present. Our equipment operators complete training specific to equipment they operate and hold a training card with their qualifications on it. All boom operators will secure their work area with red danger tape and safety cones to protect the load path from bystanders in their work areas. Power lines are another hazard on jobsites. We will not work within 20 feet from a powerline unless the line has been de-energized by the power company. Random jobsite observations are conducted by management and other members of our safety and risk management to offer support and ensure compliance. Our employees will receive a monthly safety incentive if there have been no jobsite damage or safety violations during the month.

Safety is a priority at Gator Gypsum and management is 100% supportive. Our goal is to get all of our employee’s home to their families at the end of the day.


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