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The Same Price

July 5

When I was a kid, going to get a new pair of shoes was a big deal. Because young feet grow so fast, it was very important to get the right size. Shoe stores used to be very meticulous about measuring your foot. They would bring out this metal contraption that you would stand on that would indicate the correct size. I say this as a means of explanation because I have not seen one of these in a long time. In most stores, it is difficult to find a person to ask a question much less measure your foot.

Back then, if there were two shoe stores next to each other with the exact same inventory and the same prices, and if the only difference had been that one of them measured your foot and the other did not, I would shop at the foot measuring store.

I looked the part up on Amazon-$3.99.

The drywall business is not that much different from the shoe business. Most of the companies stock the same product. Most have the same type of trucks and offer similar payment terms. In our field, the difference is not a $3.99 measuring tool but rather the people that make up Gator Gypsum and their desire to continually and constantly get better.

To that end, Stan Blalock (the corporate training manager at GMS) conducted a Performance Excellence class on May 8 at our yard in Tampa. Through team building exercises, we learned how to serve our customers and fellow employees better – including important ways that we can make our service worth more to all of our clients. This crucial two hour class was conducted after business hours in order to include every Gator Gypsum employee. We truly take pride in what we do and enjoy instruction and advice that will improve the customer experience.

There is an expense associated with the desire for improvement. Keeping employees after work for a couple of hours, having a training specialist come down and conduct the class, providing a meal for the employees. In a business world where companies are striving to run lean and will cut costs anywhere possible, this is not an inexpensive endeavor. The payoff comes when our service is better than our competitors - so much better that you tell someone else and they tell someone else...

We believe in our employees as individuals but more importantly we recognize their strengths and potential as a team. The business world is not kind, neither is it forgiving, but we believe the actions and preparation that we do today will allow us to be the company that you choose if pricing is similar.


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