Keeping your building safe and protected.

A range of products to protect your jobsite from fire and smoke.

Today’s construction projects require proper barriers to prevent the spread of flames, gases and smoke during building upgrades and installations. Too often, firestop is not used properly and this results in costly fixes for general contractors. Gator Gypsum stocks a large inventory of STI firestop products to create an effective barrier while also meeting the needs of the most demanding applications. Uses for our products include construction joints, curtain walls, and mechanical/electrical/plumbing penetrations.

With regard to construction joints, STI has developed products that accommodate joint movements of 25%, 50% and even 100%. They can be used in:

  • Standard gypsum board construction
  • Wood frame construction
  • Non-combustible penetrations
  • Through-penetrations
  • Perimeter fire barrier applications

With regard to curtain walls, STI is a leader in UL Certified solutions for perimeter fire barriers. Their products have been tested for use in the following façade types:

  • Aluminum framed walls (with glass, aluminum or stone spandrels)
  • Precast concrete panels
  • GFRC panels
  • Steel-framed walls with gypsum sheathing
  • EIFS, stucco, brick and metal siding
  • Galvanized steel back pan curtain walls

With regard to mechanical, electrical and plumbing penetrations, STI products address oversize openings as well as individual or small grouped penetrations. They can also be used in tightly packed spaces with installation from a single side.

STI Firestop Products

We carry the following products from STI:

  • Intumescent products
  • Fire caulking
  • Firestop bags, sleeves and devices
  • Mortar and putties
  • Smoke sealants
  • A variety of adhesives

Our firestop products can also be used to fill in breaches in fire-resistant floors and walls.

Additional Information:

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