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Buy your laser level today - red and green beam.

Plumb lasers, line generators, rotary lasers and accessories.

Gator Gypsum offers laser levels to help you save time on the jobsite while also increasing accuracy. Because different lasers fulfill different construction needs, we carry all three types of lasers at our yards. These include:

  • Dot lasers (plumb lasers) – these lasers project a point or points onto a surface, which can then be used for reference
  • Line laser levels (line generators) – these lasers beam a level line onto a single surface
  • Rotary laser levels – these lasers beam a level line around an entire room at 360 degrees

Some of our specific red and green lasers include:

  • Red beam rotary lasers
  • Self-leveling 5-point lasers
  • Self-leveling plumb lasers
  • 3 beam laser pointers
  • Green cross line lasers
  • Green beam 3 spot lasers
  • 5 beam laser pointers
  • Green rotary lasers
  • Red rotary lasers
  • Self-leveling 3 beam line lasers
  • 2 spot cross line green lasers
  • 5 spot cross line green lasers
  • Self-leveling rotary and vertical lasers
  • Laser kits

Our products can be used to level floors, align walls, install drop ceilings, check door and window heights, level posts and beams, align masonry, and even check land elevation or establish grades. Some of our lasers also include features like variable rotations speeds, remote controls and rechargeable battery packs.

Laser Accessories

Many red and green lasers are used along with accessories such as tripods and laser detectors. We offer all of the following laser accessories at each of our yard locations so that you can be sure you have everything you need:

  • Green and red laser target cards
  • Laser line detectors
  • Laser distance measurers
  • Tripods
  • Floor stands
  • Tripod adapters
  • Magnetic brackets
  • Chargers
  • Wall mounts
  • Laser enhancement glasses
  • Laser receivers

We’ve Got Lasers In Stock and Ready for Immediate Pickup

If you’re ready to get your order started or want to learn more, visit one of Gator Gypsum’s seven yard locations in Florida or contact us today! We offer well-stocked showrooms plus delivery service within a 75-mile radius for any order. Or, you can always arrange for will call pickup at the yard location nearest you.

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