By July 1, 2018 Blog

The technology involved in construction has evolved exponentially in the last twenty years.  New materials and the availability of the modern computer to assist in design has allowed for extremely durable structures.  One factor that is often not seen but critical to the safety of the occupant is firestop.  Webster defines firestop as “material used to close open parts especially of a building for preventing the spread of fire.”  Anytime a pipe or wire passes through a wall, the wall has to be restored to its previous fire prevention rating.  This is done through the use of firestop.  Gator Gypsum has diligently rated the products on the market and are proud to offer what we believe to be a comprehensive line of both commercial and residential firestop.

Ask any construction professional and they will tell you how stringent the regulation and inspection of fire systems are.  Gator Gypsum can provide product, technical service and training to help our customers meet the demanding standards moving forward.  Please contact any of our yards for assistance.